6 days, 3 photographers, 1 country.

Three photographers spent six days, driving and hiking, touring Iceland. Raof Ahmad, Jeff Hicks and Nick Miners had been looking for an opportunity to widen their horizons and give free rein to their photography, and a week in Iceland seemed like the perfect solution. So in October 2007, they set off on what turned out to be an unforgettable adventure, exploring the remote wildernesses and bustling towns and villages of Europe’s best kept secret.

This website shows the results of their efforts. You can view the photographs by each day or photographer.


You can contact any of the photographers at info@icelandbycamera.com or via their own personal websites.

The Photographers

Raof AhmadRaof Ahmad

Raof is an artist, designer and photographer. Normally specialising in landscape or architectural photography, being multi-disciplined, he has also been known to do a wide range of work from experimental to traditional commission work, from portraits to photographing art works.

You can view Raof’s Iceland photographs by clicking this link.

Raof also has his own personal website at mindscapes.

Jeff HicksJeff Hicks

Jeff is a semi-professional award-winning photographer whose passion encompasses most areas, landscapes in particular. His work is very popular and is displayed in businesses and private homes locally, nationally and internationally. His photographs have been used for holiday brochures, magazines and also advertisements in the national press. He has recently been asked to supply photographs for a specialist travel company.

You can view Jeff’s Iceland photographs by clicking this link.

Jeff also has his own personal website at j3ff.co.uk.

Nick MinersNick Miners

Nick is a professional photographer based in Watford, near London, UK. He specialises in interiors and commercial photography but likes to branch out into as many different types of photography as possible. Nick’s philosophy is straightforward: one can always get better. He is particularly drawn to abstract detail and repetitive, geometric patterns.

You can view Nick’s Iceland photographs by clicking this link.

Nick also has his own personal website at nickminers.com.